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Watch The Valet () Online Free Download

Watch Space Movie The Valet () Online Free Movie Streaming

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  • Title: The Valet
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Watch Space Movie The Valet () Online Free Movie Streaming

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Watch Space Movie The Valet () Online Free Movie Streaming

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Summary The Valet ()

A movie star enlists a parking valet at a Beverly Hills restaurant to pose as her lover to cover for her relationship with a married man.

Synopsis The Valet ()

Antonio Flores is a humble valet living with his mother, Cecilia. He is a divorced father sharing the custody of his teenage son with his ex-wife, Isabel. Meanwhile, actress Olivia Allan is having an affair with city developer and married billionaire Vincent Royce. One night, when Olivia is with Vincent, Antonio has an accident nearby, and the three are photographed together, sparking rumors of Olivia and Vincent’s affair. Fearing he will lose his company if his wife Kathryn divorces him, Vincent comes up with a plan to have Olivia and Antonio pretend to be a couple. Olivia accepts the proposal because she wants to avoid any bad publicity before the premiere of her new movie, Earhart, in which she stars as Amelia Earhart. Antonio requests $12,850 from Vincent to pay for Isabel’s debts.
Antonio and Olivia go out for lunch surrounded by paparazzi. Olivia is rude to Antonio during the date and he notices her superficial personality when she is in public. Everybody, except Kathryn and Vincent, falls for the ploy and starts to believe Antonio and Olivia are a real couple. Kathryn hires a private investigator to tail them as they attend the Hollywood premiere of Earhart. Kathryn questions Antonio, who stands up for himself when she criticizes his occupation. As he leaves the event, Antonio realizes that he has become famous, especially with those in the Latin American community. Antonio and his friends drive a drunk Olivia home. The next day, Olivia is given a proper breakfast by Antonio’s family. She notices their love for each other and positive energy. Vincent is incorrectly led to believe that Antonio and Olivia slept together, making him jealous. Earhart receives positive reviews after the premiere but Olivia remains sad about Vincent. Olivia attends Antonio’s son’s play at school. Antonio tells Isabel the truth. Antonio and Olivia spend the rest of the night in a Latin neighborhood where nobody recognizes her. Back home, they pretend to have sex with each other when they see private investigators. Olivia acknowledges that she has not been living a healthy lifestyle. The following day, Isabel tells Antonio that she does not want to be with him. Antonio and Olivia argue and break up. Vincent punches Antonio. Vincent’s lawyer pays Antonio $25,000. Cecilia suffers a stroke and dies. At the funeral, Antonio delivers a touching eulogy about his mother’s hardships to give him and his siblings a better life in the US. Kathryn learns the truth about Vincent and files for divorce. After Vincent is arrested for embezzlement, Kathryn takes over the company and cancels the gentrification plan for Antonio’s neighborhood. Antonio and his friend, Natalie, begin dating.

Watch The Valet () Online Free Movie Download

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Watch Space Movie The Valet () Online Free Movie Download

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