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Watch Anek () Online Free Download

Watch Movie Anek () Online Free Movie Streaming

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  • Title: Anek
  • Year:
  • Duration: unknown
  • Rating:
  • Genres: Action, Thriller

Watch Movie Anek () Online Free Movie Download

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Watch Movie Anek () Online Free Movie Download

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Summary Anek ()

A socio political, action thriller set against the geopolitical backdrop of Northeast India.

Anek is a political action thriller, where Joshua (AK), a fierce spy agent is on a mission to unite the country. The film showcases Joshua’s journey in the conflict-ridden region of northeast where he tries to get a peace accord signed with the head of the largest militant group- Tiger Sangha. Joshua tries to infiltrate a separatist group by befriending one of its member’s daughter – Aido. Aido is a ferocious boxer, who has been a target of repeated racism but still aims to bring a gold medal for India thereby hoping to be fully accepted as an Indian. Will Joshua triumph in his mission to unite the country? This is a heart wrenching tale that questions what it takes to be an INDIAN above all the divide that the country faces.

Synopsis Anek ()

Watch Anek () Online Free Movie Streaming

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Watch Movie Anek () Online Free Movie Streaming

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