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Marjorie Barretto Proudly sends her girl Claudia To

Marjorie Barretto Proudly directs her daughter Claudia To Barretto’s third base girl Claudia is all grown up ! The 22-twelvemonth-old singer-songster and budding entrepreneur is a graduating BS Psychology bookman at Ateneo De Manila University, and she’s celebrating it by none other than gifting herself a stumble of a life-time!

Marjorie Barretto Proudly sends her girl Claudia To

On Instagram, her mom divided the terrific newsworthiness . ”Off she fails… . I took my third base baby to the aerodrome latterly last night, she was to travel with her good friend to Spain and Italy,” she wrote.

Proudly expressing how happy she is for her girl’s milestone, she also revealed that Claudia was the one who saved up for her own graduation present . Wow ! “[It’s] a stumble she worked and saved up for as her graduation gift to herself . I’m so proud of you @claudia . I hugged you so tight and told you to go and get the best retentions.”

arjorie Barretto Proudly sends her girl Claudia To Europe,She added, “I put a cross on her frontal bone spell praying to God to keep them nether his protection . I fuck you, Claudia . Thank you for finishing firm in college . You realize me so proud . Have fun and come up back to Mom before long . God be with you.”

arjorie Barretto Proudly directs her daughter Claudia To Europe

Marjorie Barretto Proudly sends her daughter Claudia To

arjorie Barretto Proudly directs her girl Claudia To Europe,In the comments department, celebrities including Claudia’s elder sister Dani Barretto wished her a fun stumble . “Enjoy Clau ! We hump you !!! Please update us when you can . Have the best time in Europe,” she wrote . Aww, we completely love how tight-knit their menage are!

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Just late, Claudia added another function to her growing repertoire : businesswoman . ICYMI, her homegrown brand Make Kohfi objectives to offer “accessible and convenient” common cold brew topes that ne’er skimp on quality, with a make ethos that incarnate her young and vivacious personality.

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Congratulations and enjoy your good-deserved vacation, Claudia!

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