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A sex scandal ends Nisreen Tafesh’s stardom and shocks her fans.. Watch

Thank you for analyzing a information story about a intercourse scandal that ends Nisreen Tafesh’s stardom and shocks her fans. Watch and now, we furnish you with the details

Riyadh – Rana Abdullah – Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh fell into a scandal of excessive caliber, after she used to be caught in the condominium of a well-known artist.

Where the artist Dima Bayaa accused, for the duration of her marriage to the Syrian actor Tim Hassan, of having a sexual relationship with Nisreen Tafesh with her husband, and that she caught them in a sexual situation.

Dima Bayaa brought in the course of her interview with Nishan: A character referred to as me and instructed me that my husband was once dishonest on me with Nisreen. And I, in truth, do no longer take rumors till I proven for myself of the betrayal and my husband confessed to me that he was once dozing with Nisreen Tafesh.

Dima spoke in the discipline about the most distinguished tournament in her life, which is her husband Tim Hassan’s betrayal of her with her pal and colleague Nisreen Tafesh, thinking about that the man’s betrayal is no longer a large surprise, however the largest shock is that the betrayal comes from a shut friend.

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Dima stated that a girl who betrays is regarded the most tough kind of betrayal due to the fact she plans how she will betray, and the betrayal of a man is with a passing woman, any whim, and a girl has emotions and is connected to a man to betray her husband with him.

Dima defined how she discovered about the difficulty of betrayal, as she stated that she acquired a textual content message from a character announcing that her husband was once dishonest on her with her friend, and confused that when she proven the matter, she was once very started up and said: “Nisreen, my pal 4 years ago, entered her residence and she entered my house, and she is aware of that I have children, Despite that, she betrayed me.”
Syrian actress Dima Bayaa demonstrated that her divorced artist, Tim Al-Hassan, tried to reconcile with her, however she may want to now not forgive him, not like the present day time, as she forgave him and did now not sense any hatred closer to him, and indicated that “Nisreen” abused her and her ex-wife with unsightly phrases to the factor that she wondered “Tim’s” manhood.

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In turn, Nisreen Tafesh denied the information in one of the interviews, and said that her faith and upbringing did no longer permit her to reply to Dima Bayaa’s technique of sarcasm, and she additionally introduced that what the latter had stated that they had been shut buddies used to be incorrect, in accordance to Al-Fan newspaper.

On the different hand, Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh printed that her fiancé is no longer from the Arab Gulf, stressing that their marriage will take region soon, after the controversy that arose about it.

She wrote on her non-public page: “Happy everyone’s day. I used to be the first to announce, on the “Insider” program, with the journalist Elie Nakhleh, that I was once engaged to a individual outdoor the artistic, sports activities and political circles. He is no longer one of our brothers and our humans from the Arab Gulf, as was once rumored. God willing, he will carry us collectively in the identify of love, and the marriage will take location soon.

The artist had these days published the opportunity of her marriage in the subsequent 2021, in a smartphone name with her to the “IT” application in Arabic, besides revealing any different important points about her marriage.

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